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Free Webinar: How to Build a Top Safety Culture

3 Building Blocks for an Excellent Safety Culture

Safety Culture Webinar - Greg Ford and Shawn Galloway

Industrial companies have long had reputations for having "tough" cultures, where incidents were common place and speaking up was considered disrespectful or a sign of weakness. Fast forward to 2014 where leading companies are taking safety seriously and are proactively building a better safety culture one bit at a time.

Join safety culture expert Shawn Galloway, from ProAct Safety as he and Greg Ford outline innovative techniques for measuring, building and maintaining a top safety culture.

Event Details

Event Type: Webinar
Time: 1:00pm/10:00am (EDT/PDT)
Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Admission Fee: No Charge

What You'll Learn

Who Should Attend

Any person responsible for designing, building and/or maintaining safety culture in their workplace. Previous TalentClick Webinar attendees have come from construction, energy, manufacturing, mining, utilities and other industrial sectors.

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